About Our Montessori School


Welcome to the Montessori Elementary and Middle School of Tracy. Our website will orient you to most aspects of our School.

Nothing, however, takes the place of an actual visit to our School! The Montessori goals and ideals are actualized when you see for yourself students deeply engaged in their own learning, individually or collaboratively with other students. The students are not only learning, they are “learning how to learn”: an important skill for a lifetime in the dynamic and changing work place of the 21st century!

In addition to the obvious academic learning taking place you will notice the respect and the trust that the students have for each other, and for the adults. Character development is core to our values. Honesty, integrity, respect are the social-emotional qualities you will observe and will viscerally feel. These qualities of a civil society are espoused, taught, nurtured, and expected.

Physical education is central to the development of the student, as well. The large, central gymnasium allows for basketball and volleyball in addition to table tennis, dance and the marshall arts. The soccer field can be transformed into various track and field experiences, and traditional lawn games such as croquet and badminton. Tetherball and four-square are located on the adjoining area, as is a very large climbing structure.

The development of our students is based upon a whole-child approach: the academic, the social-emotional, and the physical are simultaneously interconnected, and support each other. The unique potentiality of each student is unlimited and supported in our responsive school environment addressing all aspects in the student’s development.

MEMST is non-denomination – religion is not taught. However, there are spiritual values at our core:
– life is meaningful and purposeful
– each moment is an exercise in bringing meaning and purpose to our existence
– each person has the personal task to strive toward meaning and purpose in life

We invite you to visit our beautiful campus. MEMST might be just the match for your child and your family values.


The Montessori Elementary and Middle School of Tracy provides first through eighth grade students an individualized academic program within the context of daily small and whole class instruction. Importantly the social-emotional context of learning emphasizes respectful collaboration. The development of the student’s physical development is supported with a full gymnasium inside and a soccer field outside.

The student’s foundation for the elementary and middle school is in the child’s early years. This foundation is offered at the Montessori School of Tracy, 100 South Tracy Boulevard for children 2 to 6 years old.

Concepts are introduced to our elementary and middle school students with concrete, manipulative materials. For example, base ten is first introduced with the concrete golden beads in which the quantity of one, ten, hundred, and thousand are exactly represented. The first step towards abstraction is the base-ten stamps in which the quantity is represented with “1”, “10”, “100” and “1000” stamped on the color-coded, small squares. The stamps are followed by the even more abstract base-ten abacus (or “bead frame”) with only the color-coding of the beads, and their position of hierarchy on the rungs to indicate the value (ones, tens, hundred, and thousands).

The core instructional differential from traditional education, therefore, is individualization of instruction which allows for shortening or lengthening of time to master a concept, and concrete materials to introduce concepts, and sequential steps toward abstraction.

While academic excellence is the Montessori reputation and goal, we strive for far more than that. The students are guided and required to be self-disciplined, self-motivated, and time-managers in the achievement of “deep-learning” academic excellence. “Deep-learning” refers to the ability to reason and analyze from the base of mastered facts.

Learning How To Learn (1962) was the book that brought the Montessori approach to education to the United States, and the title says it all: We are teaching our students for the 21st century. During the employment years the skill-sets in the workplace will change and shift constantly. The ability to know how to learn and “deep learn” is essential! Learning is engaging, exciting, and it continues our whole lifetime! Our students both learn, and know how to learn!!

The MEMST Philosophy

Montessori Elementary and Middle School of Tracy fully embraces the Montessori approach to education, its philosophy, its method, and its curriculum. Dr. Maria Montessori, a medical doctor and internationally renown educator, was Italian by birth and international in her impact on education. Dr. Montessori developed the Montessori Method in the early 1900’s based upon her observation of children and how children learn. Based upon her observations and her work with children she came to the following conclusions:

– learning, from birth onward, is the natural inclination and striving of the human being – children love learning.

– the prepared environment supports this love of learning and natural curiosity – provide a learning-rich environment.

– sensitive periods for developing specific skills are times when the human being most easily develops certain skills –the elementary years are foundational to later academic success.

– conscious absorbent mind effortlessly takes in many aspects of the learning environment simultaneous with structured lessons – offer the elementary student the Montessori deep-learning experiences – they will be absorbed!

– the human brain is logical and mathematical when provided such tools in the environment – the Montessori advanced mathematical materials and concepts are understandable by the elementary student.

– the elementary student is able to imagine and to make real that which is not directly observed – the universe and subatomic particles, times past and times to come, the infinite and the finite! The Montessori curriculum is expansive and deep – the students are ready!

– middle school students seek to enter the life of the community and its economic imperatives – economic entrepreneurial fundamentals can be taught and experienced with small business experiences.

Mission & Vision

The Montessori Elementary & Middle School of Tracy offers each student an expansive academic curriculum that guides mastery, analysis, and application of information infused with a spirit of joy. The context of this academic experience is a social environment with respect, and caring of self, of others, and of the environment.

The Curriculum:
Dr. Maria Montessori’s curriculum is rich and engaging, embracing higher-level mathematics, language arts including the western canon of classics, history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, economics, and coding/programming.

The Student:
The student’s natural joy and inclination to self-actualization is supported by the expansive curriculum and the guidance of the teachers. The fullest development of each student’s unique and limitless potentiality is revered.

The Student Body:
The student body embraces and exhibits behavior of respect, of fairness, of value for oneself, for the other students, and for teachers, family, community, and other cultures.


Historic Events Parade (October)
The students research and present a biographical sketch of an historical character.

Thanksgiving Pageant (November)
The students present an enactment of the first Thanksgiving & Feast for the good harvest of 1621 in Plymouth.

Winter Concert (December)
The student present a musical performance, which brings our school community together in celebration of the many cultural traditions at this time of year.

Father / Significant Male Person Night (January)
The students share their school day (abbreviated) with their fathers / significant persons.

Art Exhibit / Students Display Their Art (February)

Valentine’s Day Luncheon (February)

Science Fair (March)
The Upper and Middle School students share the science concept developed
over the prior 10 weeks in afterschool Science Club. The science experiment is planned and developed collaboratively with 2 to 4 students working together.

Saint Patrick’s Day Luncheon (March)

International Potluck (April)
The entire school community comes together in celebrating their unique cultures in dress, and in shared enjoyment of a great feast (pot luck)!

Spring Celebration Luncheon (April)

Mothers’ Day Tea (May)
The students share their culinary skills with their mothers / significant female person at a traditional tea.

Graduation and Graduation Celebration (June)
The evening of the last day of school the 8th grade students graduate from Middle School, and the sixth grade students graduate from Elementary School. The formal graduation is followed by a dinner and dance at the School with family, friends and graduates attending.

Alumni Day (June)
The Saturday morning following the last day of school the students come together for fun, food, games, and memories! Current and past students come together to celebrate the end of the school year, and the remembrance of great times and cherished friends. Sports challenges ensue!

Science Camp (June)
The entering sixth grade students through the graduating eighth grade students are invited to attend the science camp. The science camp is the Monday through Thursday following the last day of school.


Are you an affiliated Montessori school?
Our school is affiliated with the American Montessori School located in New York City. This affiliation was established at the founding of the original site on South Tracy Boulevard in 1994.

Are you a religious school?
Our schools are non-sectarian and are not affiliated with any church or religion. Students from a wide-range of ethnicities and religious beliefs attend our campuses and we foster an environment of cultural sensitivity and mutual respect. We attempt to be sensitive and response to the various beliefs, values, and practices of our families.

What are the hours of the school?
The school is open from 6:45 AM to 6:00 PM. The formal academic program is from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Do you offer after school programs?
Yes, after school programs are available for our students before school from 6:30 – 8:00 AM, and after school from 3:00 – 6:30 PM. Note that before and after school hours allow your child to join the many clubs that we have available throughout the week to broaden areas of personal interest. Please note that the before and after hours s are only available for children enrolled in our school.

Do you have after school clubs?
The school provides a wide range of clubs in response to student interest and family requests. Additionally, the social-emotional development of the students.

Do you offer a summer camp?
We operate a summer day camp for Elementary and Middle School age children. Read more about it on our Summer page.

Are students given standardized tests?
Standardized testing starts in the first grade, and is administered in May each school year. The scores are reported to parents at the end of the school year as part of a comprehensive assessment of the child’s social, emotional and academic development. The results of the standardized test are used diagnostically as indicators of academic skills mastered, and academic skills to further develop.

What do your report card cover?
Student report cards are posted on line and can be downloaded, with the proper user name and passcode at any time. Official transcripts may be ordered from the same on-line access.

The form of the transcript is traditional as is the grading. We are responsive to the Tracy public schools that find the traditional format and grading system easy to interpret.

How can parents be involved?
All parents are members of our Parent Association. Parents are encouraged to join one (or more!) of the Committees of greatest interest. Additionally, there is a twelve (12) hours work commitment each year for each child enrolled.

Do you offer childcare during holidays?
The Holiday Program is offered on some holidays when school is not in session:
– 5 days over Winter Break
– 5 days over Spring Break
See School Calendar.

How do you screen your employees?
All employees, teachers, assistants, administrators and staff receive a full background check through the FBI and Department of Justice. We do not employ any person with a criminal record.

Do you offer hot lunch?
No, each student’s family provides a nutritious lunch for their child.

How often are parent-teacher conferences?
Formal parent teacher conferences are held twice a year, in December and in May. The child’s social, emotional and academic progress is discussed in detail. Parents may also schedule a meeting with the teacher at any time throughout the year, as needed.