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After School Clubs
2020 – 2021

Our After-School Clubs are from 3:00 – 4:15PM. There are two 15-class sessions divided into the first semester from September 2nd through December 13th (no classes the week of Thanksgiving), and the second semester from January 13th to May 1st with make-up classes in mid-May. Enrollment is by the 15-class semester. Payment is made by Paypal or credit card at the time of enrollment. Prior enrollment is required, and accepted through Sunday, September 1st for the first semester, and through Sunday, January 12th the second semester.

While each Clubs has a special focus, all Clubs provide the opportunity to expand the students’ experiences beyond what can be provided during the regular academic school curriculum.

The Clubs provide novelty which is one of six critical aspects of Gifted and Talented Programs (GATE) programs. The power of novelty that Clubs provide is its relative rarity (once a week). Novelty peaks interest and releases chemical changes in the brain enhancing learning.

Information on each club is available at the School Office.

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