Experienced Teachers

Our excellent, trained staff are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each child achieves to their fullest potential. The school provides and pays for the tuition to attend the Montessori coursework, in addition to three workshops each year including CPR/First Aid.

Dr. Pamela Zell Rigg, Head of School

Saba Faraz, Head Teacher Room 1, room1@montessorica.com

Raman Gill, Head Teacher Room 2, room2@montessorica.com

Hue Gore, Head Teacher Room 3, room3@montessorica.com

Anuradha Dubey, Head Teacher Room 4, room4@montessorica.com

Supriya Bhardwaj, Head Teacher Room 5, room5@montessorica.com

Zachary Cloke, Head Teacher Room 6, room6@montessorica.com

Iciar Christiansen, Head Teacher Room 7, room7@montessorica.com

Pascale Dacruz, Head Teacher Room 8, room8@montessorica.com

Montessori Teachers