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R12 Total Body Fitness

R-12 Total Body Fitness
The R-12 fitness program is customized for any age and fitness level. After signing up you will be scheduled for an introductory assessment meeting to customize your R-12 program, starting measurements and Myzone® personal effort monitor. The Myzone® Personal Effort Monitor will track your heart rate, calories burned, effort percentage and MEP’s.

R-12 Total Body Fitness Promotes:
WEIGHT LOSS – Burn up to 1000 calories, lose inches, and drop weight, while having fun.
LEAN MUSCLE – Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build muscle or tone, this is the perfect recipe.
INCREASED STAMINA – Improve daily endurance both mentally and physically.
IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH – Train your brain as well as your body.
STRESS LEVEL – Release your daily stress on one of our punching bags.
SELF CONFIDENCE – Learn self-defense. You never know when you have to use it!
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE – Get rid of that ugly fat and look your best ever.