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Welcome to our Montessori School

The Montessori Elementary & Middle School of Tracy is dedicated to providing an academically stimulating environment for students to develop, learn, and thrive. Our school proudly serves Tracy, Tracy Hills, and surrounding communities since 2015 offering an excellent educational approach for students grade kindergarten through 8th grade based on the principles of Maria Montessori.

Montessori Elementary and Middle School of Tracy campus

School Programs

Montessori kindergarten program
  • 5-6 Years Old


Nurture your child’s interest in learning by exploring language, including reading and writing, mathematics, sensorial, practical life competency skills, and studying plants, animals, geography, land and water forms, and continents and oceans in a culturally inclusive environment.
Montessori elementary program
  • Grades 1-5


Our elementary program integrates a wide range of subjects and activities, allowing students to engage in interdisciplinary learning and develop a deep understanding of concepts through hands-on materials and individualized instruction.
Montessori middle school program
  • Grades 6-8

Middle School

Building upon the foundation of elementary education, our middle school program encourages students to delve into advanced subjects, engage in independent research, and participate in real-world projects that foster their intellectual curiosity and holistic development.
Montessori summer school program
  • Grades 1-3

Summer School

Summer School for lower elementary students, entering 1-3 grade, alternates each summer from Human Anatomy - 2024, Solar System - 2025, and Invertebrate Animals - 2026. Models, puzzles, books and projects, and arts and crafts are a part of the experience for students.

Things you should know

All teachers have CPR and First Aid Training, Mandated Reporter Training, and Criminal Background Checked. All the teachers have higher education degrees and Montessori credentials through Montessori accredited training programs maintaining a highly qualified staff.

Our large Montessori classrooms are 900 SF with 30 students and two teachers. In the morning one teacher focuses on small group math lessons of thrity minutes in length; the other teacher focuses on thirty minute lessons in language arts. Each student has a thirty minute math and thrity minute language arts lesson each day.

Our staff and children’s safety is our highest priority. Policies and guidelines are in place to provide a safe and healthy environment: bathrooms are touchless with motion detecting toilet flush and soap, water, and paper towel dispensers with a full time janitor on campus. Our facility is prepared with fire drill and emergency disaster plans.

Montessori Elentary and Middle School education

What families say about us

This school is a hidden gem. I can't think of a better place to send my two daughters. This school has amazing staff that love the children and pay attention to each child's individual needs to make them successful in life. This is the best foundation I could ask for our children's future.

Montessori Elementary & Middle School of Tracy Testimonial
Jia S.

Both of my kids have been attending MEMS from the onset of their academic journey in kindergarten. Over the years, I have witnessed a significant evolution in their academic progress and their social skills. This can be attributed to the exceptional faculty of MEMS, who have consistently exhibited unparalleled dedication and skill in both lower and upper elementary education.

Montessori Elementary & Middle School of Tracy Review
Faraz S.

I am a parent of two children and one of them have had the privilege of being taught by Mrs. Gore at the 3rd grade level. She teaches Reading / language and multiple subjects. I have seen significant improvement in my kid this year. She is very attentive to every student's needs problems. She has an excellent relationship with the parents. Thank you Mrs. Gore!

Montessori Elementary & Middle School of Tracy Review
Nitin D.

School Hours

Mon-Fri, 6:30am-6pm